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C1 Angling in the Wide Lane - Pro
C1 Angling in the Wide Lane - Pro
Key Points:
Force the puck carrier up the boards by denying a pass back with the stick and approaching from behind toward the back shoulder.
1. Players start in a wide lane.
2. Coach pass the puck ahead and P1 skate for the puck while P2 tracks from behind.
3. P2 keeps steer P1 with his stick denying a pass back and approaches from slightly behind.
4. P2 angles P1 toward the boards and approaches at the back shoulder.
5. P2 rubs P1 out with the ‘stick on the puck and body on body’ skating through the arms with his inside leg in front.
6. P2 takes possession of the loose puck.
• Option is for P2 to take a shot or progress to a battle drill where either P1 or P2 shoots.

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Sunday, July 06 2014 @ 08:51 PM GMT
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Media ID 20140706155119716  
Date Sunday, July 06 2014 @ 08:51 PM GMT
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