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C6 - 2-1 from Corner 1-1 from Point - Pro
C6 - 2-1 from Corner 1-1 from Point – Pro
Key Points:
Defender must always recognize the most dangerous attacker and deny plays that cross the mid-line. With the goalie it is really a 2 on 2 so expect the goalie to cover half the net. Attackers make quick plays vs. a sliding as opposed to a square goalie and crash the net for rebounds.
Organization: Forwards in the corner and at the far point and Defenders wait outside the blue line.
1 – Coach pass to either F1 or F2 in the corner.
2 – D1 play a 2-1 until the puck is out of the scoring area.
3 – Coach whistle and pass to F3 at the far point who attacks 1-1 vs. D1.
4 – Repeat with new players.
*You can run this drill at both ends at once and switch to a 2-1 from the point and 1-1 from the corner.

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Monday, July 07 2014 @ 03:44 AM GMT
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Date Monday, July 07 2014 @ 03:44 AM GMT
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