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D400 Offense from Behind the Net
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D400 Offense from Behind the Net
Key Points:
Offensive player uses the net to protect the puck and faces the play. Move back and forth ready to pass or do a wrap around.
A. 2 on 1 Contest
1. F1 is behind the net with a puck and F2 battles D1 to get open for a pass.
2. First only allow passing and then either a pass or a walk out.
B. Game with a Joker Behind the Net.
1. Play 4 on 4 with the rule that goals must originate from shots on passes from behind the net.
2. Each team has a joker that must be passed to in order to transition to offense.
*The joker is not checked.*
3. Play with 2 offensive F in the slot and one D at the point..
4. Man to man defense.
*Point Player Can Jump In*

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Date Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 02:11 AM GMT
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