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T3-4 King-Kozak Defensive Zone
T3-4 King-Kozak Defensive Zone
Key Points:
Defensive player must quickly close the gamp and maintain defensive side and with stick on the puck, body on body.
1. Defender or defenders start on two knees in front of the net.
2. Attacker stands waiting for a pass from the coach. If multiple attackers then spread out.
3. Coach passes to the attacker and defender stands and defends.
4. Add another attacker and defender.
6. Add a third attacker.
7. If the puck is cleared, frozen or a goal the coach quickly passes another puck to an attacker and the play re-starts.
*Option is to have uneven situations and add attackers and defenders as you go.
*To create more space the coach and waiting players move back to the blue line. You can go up to 5-5 with this drill.

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Date Monday, February 02 2015 @ 03:25 PM GMT
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