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C2 5-0 BO, RG x 2, 5-2 - U15 Boy's
C2 5-0 BO, RG x 2, 5-2 - U15 Boy's
Key Points:
Defense hinge and forwards support from each lane and give a target. One D join the attack. Play 5-2 until the play has ended. Make it a contest and keep score.
1. Start with the forwards dumping the puck deep in the zone.
2. Breakout 5-0.
3. Two opposition D follow the play and skate backward in the neutral zone.
4. Regroup with the opposition D.
5. D hinge and either pass to the forwards or feign a turn-over by passing to the attacking D.
6. Original D hinge and regroup with their forwards.
7. Attack 5 on 2 until a goal, frozen puck or breakout.
• Option is to add a second breakout instead of the regroup.
• Lloyd Percival called 5 on 2 the ‘Magic Drill.’
• Option two: add a time limit, i.e. 10 seconds to score to create offensive urgency.

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