T2-4 – D100 Stretch Breakout – Pro
T2-4 – D100 Stretch Breakout – Pro
Key Points:
Use this breakout when versus a passive forecheck when the offense sets up behind the net. Fill the low three lanes with two players stretching, one at the far blue line and one cut across the middle.
1. Two units of five start at the red line and the coach dumps the puck in.
2. Extra players are on the bench.
3. D1 take the puck behind the net, D2 swing to one corner and F1 to the other.
4. F2 and F3 stretch. F2 can swing low then across the middle opposite D2.
5. F2 swing across the middle toward F3 at the far blue line.
6. D1 pass to F2 up the middle of F3.
7. Play 5-5 in the zone.
8. Alternate ends and rotate groups.
9. D1 can pass to any of the other 4 players but work on one option at a time.
10. The same drill can be used to practice defending the stretch breakout.

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Date Monday, April 27 2015 @ 03:20 PM GMT
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