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T2 - 4-0 Breakout Options-Regroup 2-1 – Pro
T2 - 4-0 Breakout Options-Regroup 2-1 – Pro
Key Points:
Defense work on the various breakout options, go, wheel, over, up, reverse, counter. The coach take away an option and the player has to read the pressure and make a good decision. On the regroup and breakout the supporting forwards must post up on the wall and come across the middle and attack with speed on the 2-1.

1. Coach shoot the puck in and forecheck.
2. D1-D2-F1-F2 breakout together towards D3-D4.
3. Skate out to the red line then regroup with D3-D4.
4. F1-F2 attack 2-1 vs. D1.
5. The second coach shoot a puck into the other end and forecheck.
6. D3-D4 read the pressure and breakout with F3-F4.
7. Regroup with D5-D6 or D2-D5 if only 6 D.
8. Continue this flow.

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Date Saturday, May 16 2015 @ 06:08 PM GMT
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