T2 – Breakout – 3-1 D Join Rush - Pro
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T2 – Breakout – 3-1 D Join Rush - Pro
Key Points:
Two defense and two forwards attack and one defenseman join the rush. Attack with speed through the
neutral zone and get a shot on the rush.
1. D1 skate up and back then get a puck from coach and wheel around net.
2. D2 is in front and F1-F2 skate into the zone from both sides.
3. D1 make a breakout pass and follow the play up to the far blue line.
4. D2-F1-F2 attack 3-1 with a middle drive vs. D3.
5. D4 breakout D5-F3-F4 in the other direction vs. D1.
* Any of the 4 attackers can shoot on the rush.
* F1-F2-D2 fill the three lanes on the rush and attack with the middle drive.

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Media ID 2015051812165930  
Date Monday, May 18 2015 @ 05:16 PM GMT
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