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T2 - RG 5-0 x 3 Pass to Each Lane - Pro
T2 - RG 5-0 x 3 Pass to Each Lane – Pro
Key Points:
Defense practice all of the options after a neutral zone regroup. Attack with the middle drive. Defense should join each rush and attack with four.
1. Three forwards take one shot each from the top of the circles, two defensemen at the point.
2. Coach spot a puck and the defense hinge and pass D to D.
3. Pass to strong side wing and the 3 forwards attack.
4. Repeat a second D to D and pass to the middle.
5. Repeat a third time and pass to the far wing.
6. Next unit of five come off the bench and do the same sequence passing to each lane.
7. Start from the other end.
8. Next rep the other D pick up the puck so it happens from each side.
* Options: Include a trailer pass to the D on the attack. Have the forwards get the next puck and regroup with the D.

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