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T1-2-3 - C2 - 2-1 Technique - RB Pro
T1-2-3 - C2 - 2-1 Technique - RB Pro
Key Points:
This is a great formation for teaching as the players are close to the coach. Defenders close the gap right away and keep the puck on one side then it is really a 2-2 with the goalie playing the shooter. Attack with speed and cross the mid-line with the puck, a pass or a pass off the pads.
1. Start with F1 skating toward the red line and getting a pass from F2.
2. D1 skate up and close the gap before the blue line.
3. F1 attack the wide lane and F2 cross behind.
4. F2 be in a good shooting position. Square up if on the off wing.
5. Puck carrier must be a threat and attack with speed.
6. Defender stay in the middle and identify the most dangerous attacker.
7. Coach stop the drill to give input on how to play the situation.
8. Attackers make the first pass early so there is a second play and use the forehand when possible.
9. Defender keep the play to one side and tie up the stick of the player going to the net after a shot.
10. If the puck carrier is wide and deep an option is for the defender to slide outside the strong side post.

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