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T1-2-3-4 - C2 2-2 Technique - RB Pro
T1-2-3-4 - C2 2-2 Technique - RB Pro
Key Points:
C2 is a great formation to teach from and go over key points. Keep score and make the drill a contest. A 2-2 has the 4 roles. 1-puck carrier, 2-puck support, 3-check puck carrier, 4-cover away from puck.
1. Attacker 1 pass to attacker 2 then take the ice behind by crossing to the middle.
2. Coach wants attacker 2 to skate to the wide lane and 1 cross to the middle.
3. Defender 1 and 2 skate out and close the gap right away.
4. Cross and drop before the blue line to cause the defenders to make coverage decisions.
5. Coach put in a new puck if the play ends right away and the 2 on 2 continues.
6. Attackers cross to cause confusion and defenders communicate to stay man on man or switch.
7. Cross to create a 2-1 vs. one defender.
8. Defenders must see their man and the puck and play on the defensive side.
9. Attackers fight for the offensive side and keep their sticks free for one touch shots and rebounds.
10. Either play F and D or everyone play all situations, which is better for development.

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Date Sunday, July 05 2015 @ 01:51 PM GMT
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