T1 - A500 - Agility Skate and Puck Handling Circuit – Pro
T1 - A500 - Agility Skate and Puck Handling Circuit – Pro
Key Points:
Stay low, use the edges and accelerate out of turns. Avoid crossing the hands on the tight forehand turn so you maintain the triple threat position.
Station One:
Face one end while carrying the puck and go around three pylons circling the last pylon. Skate down the boards, cut in and shoot, stop. Coach rim the puck behind, pick up the puck, walk out and shoot.
Station Two:
Skate down the boards with a puck then do a tight figure eight then back up the boards.
Station Three:
Agility skate facing the dot by doing a Crosby right, tight turn, then left tight turn in the middle.
Station Four:
Skate a tight figure eight inside the circle then drive the back of the net, stop, skate out and pass to the point then go to the net to screen and tip.

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Tuesday, July 21 2015 @ 03:54 AM GMT
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Date Tuesday, July 21 2015 @ 03:54 AM GMT
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Keywords figure eight, puck handle, edges, tight turn, walk out, screen, cut back, agility skate
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