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T2 - RG 5-2 x 2 - Russian U20
T2 - RG 5-2 x 2 - Russian U20
Key Points:
Dump-in to work on the forecheck or carry the puck in to practice various attack options. Bring up the D as the 4th attacker, cycle low, cycle high, work back door plays.
1. Start with a regroup in the Nzone and attack 5-2.
2. Play 5-2 in the zone until a stoppage, clear or whistle.
3. Coach spot a puck in the neutral zone and do a second regroup 5-2 attack.
4. Three new F and two defenders wait in the neutal zone after the second rush.
5. Original defenders join the three forwards and repeat the 5-2.
*Lloyd Percival called 5-2 the magic drill. The offense can work on the forecheck by dumping the puck in, the middle drive by attacking wide or focus on any offensive concept.

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Sunday, August 02 2015 @ 01:54 PM GMT
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Media ID 20150802085402610  
Date Sunday, August 02 2015 @ 01:54 PM GMT
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