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B600 - Regroup - 2-0 Chip-In Czech U20
B600 - Regroup - 2-0 Chip-In Czech U20
Key Points:
When the defenders stand up at the blue line then create a 2-1 and pull the defenders inside by skating to the ‘big ice’ between the dots and chip the puck over the blue line.
1. Players line up at the four blue lines on the boards.
2. F1-F2 leave from either side and regroup with D1-D2 at the far blue line.
3. F1 pass to D1 who hinges and pass to D2 then up to F2.
4. D3-D4 follow and defend vs. F1-F2 in the neutral zone.
5. F2 carry the puck to the middle lane and F1 take the ice behind.
6. F2 chip the puck off the boards over the blue line and skate to the net.
7. F1 pick up the puck and attack 2-0 with F2.
8. F3-F4 repeat the other way by regrouping with D3-D4.

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Date Monday, August 17 2015 @ 03:36 AM GMT
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