B202 – Regroup Options x 2 - Shot - U17
B202 – Regroup Options x 2 - Shot - U17
Key Points:
Face the puck at all times and give a target. Follow the shot for a rebound and shoot while skating. Give a target on both the backhand and forehand. Post up but keep skating and presenting a target.
1. A leave from diagonal lines and pass to B at the opposite blue line.
2. A post up along the boards facing the puck and get a return pass.
3. Skate toward the original and exchange passes with C.
4. Skate in and shoot then circle back to rebound for the next shooter.
5. Now A skate across and get a pass from E and pass to F.
6. Skate through the middle lane. Shoot then rebound.
7. Add E step out and A read to skate the middle or wide lane.
* Options: After the shot A could defend 1-1 vs. the next shooter or give and go with the next shooter.

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Thursday, August 20 2015 @ 04:30 PM GMT
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Keywords regroup, shoot
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Date Thursday, August 20 2015 @ 04:30 PM GMT
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Keywords regroup, shoot
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