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T2 - 3 Shots - 4 Regroups – Pro
T2 - 3 Shots - 4 Regroups – Pro
Key Points:
Extra players are on the bench and 3F-2D on the ice. Do this sequence from both sides. Defense hinge on D to D and stagger one higher wide and one in the middle. Everyone face the puck, give a target with the stick on the ice.
1. Start with 3 F taking one shot each from the top of the circles 2 D’s at the point.
2. Coach spot a puck at the far blue line and everyone skate out for a regroup.
3. Regroup One: D to D to wing anchoring on the boards.
4. Regroup Three: D-D-Far W while other W and C switch.
5. Regroup Four: D-D-Far W-C Swith-D pass to W cutting into the middle.
6. Group A go to the bench and repeat with group B.

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Date Monday, September 21 2015 @ 02:49 PM GMT
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