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T2 - NZ RG-5-0-High Cycle Options x 2 – Pro
T2 - NZ RG-5-0-High Cycle Options x 2 – Pro
1. Start with attacking team regroup from the neutral zone.
2. Attack with a 3-0 middle drive.
3. F1 get a puck in the corner and cycle high then pass to D1.
4. D1 skate to mid-point and pass to D2.
5. D2 has the option to pass across to F1 who cycled high or shoot.
6. Repeat from the other corner. F2 high cycle,pass to D2 to D1 who can shoot or pass.
7. Coach pass to D3 in the neutral zone, F1-F2-F3 Forechek then D3-D4-F4-F5-F6 repeat.
8. Original 5 attacker go to the bench and a new 5 wait their turn in the Nzone.
9. When F1 cycles F2-F3 screen in two layers, hash and top of the crease.
10. F in the high screen layer does the second cycle.
11. The three F’s now forecheck until the coaches whistle and then the new five attack.
12. Rotate high cycle to net front to high slot.
• Option is have all three F’s do a high cycle and the next rep start in the other corner.

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Date Saturday, September 26 2015 @ 04:07 PM GMT
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