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T2 - 5-4 PP - Russian U20
T2 - 5-4 PP - Russian U20
Key Points:
Either the puck or the player moves and they continually switch positions low and at the point and change the point of attack low by skating behind the net. Pass low to get the pk to ‘Stare’ and sneak into a seam behind for a one timer. I watched them play an ex game and they scored with the low spread with a pass and one timer. Never stand still with the puck.
1. 5-4 in one end.
2. Start with an overload.
3. Rotate into a diamond 1-3-1.
4. Pass low and the player move behind the net for a low diamond 1-3-1.
5. Sometimes rotate into a low 2-1-2 spread with two attackers below the goal line.
6. Mostly left handed shots so one timers are from the goalies left side.
7. Player on the hash always has an easy outlet to the point or below the goal line.
8. Constant movement side to side with points sneaking in for a one timer.
9. D skate one side to the other with the puck and switch sides.
10. Tap to the middle player who can shoot or pass to anyone.
11. Continually go side to side to change the point of attack and spread the PK.
* Mostly one touch passes and lateral skating looking for one timer shots.

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Sunday, December 20 2015 @ 03:35 PM GMT
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Media ID 20151220093547932  
Date Sunday, December 20 2015 @ 03:35 PM GMT
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