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C3 - RG 2-0 RG 2-1 – Pro
C3 - RG 2-0 RG 2-1 – Pro
Key Points:
Pass while skating. Give a target. Game like support with one forward in the middle lane and one in the strong side lane and don’t cross. One touch pass as much as possible. Forwards finish the attack and work to score a goal.
1. Forwards wait on each side inside the blue line and D on one side in the middle.
2. F1-F2 leave from one end and regroup with D1 at one blue line.
3. F1-F2 regroup with D2 at the opposite blue line.
4. F1-F2 continue down the ice and attack 2-0 until a goal or frozen puck.
5. F3-F4 leave from the other end and regroup with D2 then F3-F4 regroup with D1.
6. F3-F4 attack 2-1 vs. D2.
7. F5-F6, F7-F8 repeat with D3-D4.
* This sequence can be done with 1-3 F’s and 1 or 2 D.
* Make one or two touch passes and one touch shots. Shoot to score and get the rebounds.

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Date Friday, February 12 2016 @ 03:45 PM GMT
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