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T4 - F3 Mirror-Backpressure-F1-F2 Points-5-5 – Pro
T4 - F3 Mirror-Backpressure-F1-F2 Points-5-5 – Pro
Key Points:
This is the way most elite teams now forecheck and backcheck when the opponents make a clean breakout. Players must be able to count to 5. 1 and 2 forecheck deep, 3 mirror from the mid slot, 4 play midpoint and 5 the puck side point. These positions are all interchangeable and the five players stay compact like a flexible 5 on a dice.
1. Offensive 5 players set up for a breakout.
2. Forecheckers 1 and 2 deep at the goal line, 3 mirror puck mid slot, 4 midpoint, 5 strong side point.
3. Offensive D1 skate behind the net and breakout pass to the W or C.
4. 3 mirror the puck and back pressure the pass receiver.
5. 1 and 2 backcheck through the middle lane.
6. 5 cover the W or C skating up the ice on his side.
7. 4 skate backward and pick up the deepest attacker wide or in the middle.
8. 3-4-5 cover one attacker each when attackers enter the zone with control.
9. Defend the house with one on and a box behind. 3-4-5 low, 1-2 points.

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Date Wednesday, June 15 2016 @ 07:36 PM GMT
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