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C6 - Low 2-1 Battle – Pro
C6 - Low 2-1 Battle – Pro
Key Points:
Players wait above the top of the circle. Defender must continuously decide who the most dangerous player is. It is a 2-1 with the 2 F and on D but really a 2-2 , so the goalie and D must communicate. The key is to keep the puck on one side and not cross the midline where the goalie has to go post to post.
1. Start with 2 F in the corner facing the boards and one D behind them.
2. Coach dump a puck into the corner.
3. Forwards attack to score and defender must skate the puck above the circles.
4. Compete until the puck is out of play, a goal or the D skates it out.

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Friday, September 09 2016 @ 03:02 PM GMT
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Media ID 20160909100215544  
Date Friday, September 09 2016 @ 03:02 PM GMT
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