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T3 - 2-1 With Bach Checker - U17
T3 - 2-1 With Bach Checker - U17
Key Points:
Defender, goalie and back checker have to communicate who to cover. Attack quickly and make the first play near the blue line to force the defenders to make a decision and allow a second play.
1. Start with F1-F2 attack D1 and F3 back check from the corner.
2. D2 follow the play from along the boards in the neutral zone.
3. Next attacker F4 start from the corner with a puck when the play is over.
4. Back checker F3 transition to offense and F3-F4 attack vs. D2.
5. F5 back check.
6. D3 follow the play.
You can see the back checker not finishing the play and here are a few ideas to improve the drill.
* Finish the play and the D make the breakout pass.
* Another idea is to give a time limit to score, i.e. 8" then blow the whistle for next rep.

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Wednesday, October 12 2016 @ 03:07 PM GMT
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Media ID 20161012100727414  
Date Wednesday, October 12 2016 @ 03:07 PM GMT
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