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B600 - Give and Go x 2 - Sw F
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B600 - Give and Go x 2 - Sw F
Key Points:
Always face the puck and give a target. Make quick wrist or one touch passes. Keep the top hand away from the body. Follow the shot. Rebound, one touch or defend the next shooter.
1. A leave and exchange passes with B on the other side.
2. B skate and give a return pass to A who skates back into the neutral zone.
3. A skate in and shoot and follow the shot for a rebound.
4. A either:
a- Rebound for the next shooter.
b- Give and go with the next shooter.
c- Defend 1-1 vs. the next shooter.
5. B repeat exchanging passes across the ice with C.

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Monday, January 02 2017 @ 04:07 PM GMT
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Media ID 2017010210074899  
Date Monday, January 02 2017 @ 04:07 PM GMT
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