B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas - U18 F
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B600 - Continuous 2-2 Regroup – Tomas - U18 F
Key Points:
Forwards support with timing and a good target. Anchor low or high. Take what they give you. Jump across, get open. D look for a quick up before an automatic D to D. Goalies can be warming up at one end.
1. D1-D2 pass to F1-F2.
2. F1-F2 regroup with D3-D4.
3. F1-F2 forecheck vx. D3-D4.
4. F3-F4 support D3-D4.
5. D3-D4 make a regroup pass to F3-F4.
6. F3-F4 now regroup with D5-D6 and forecheck.
7. Continue the regroup and forecheck sequence.
* Add dump in, breakout with a low 2-2 where the attackers forecheck to get the puck and score.
* Use one or two D and from one to three F. A great way to practice quick regroups and if you dump the puck in the breakout, forecheck and on the regroup the neutral zone forecheck.

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Saturday, February 25 2017 @ 04:35 PM GMT
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Date Saturday, February 25 2017 @ 04:35 PM GMT
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Keywords regroup, neutral zone attack, forecheck
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