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C600 - Continuous 2-2 Breakouts - U18 F
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C600 - Continuous 2-2 Breakouts - U18 F
Key Points:
Defense shoulder check before you get the puck and forwards give support on the boards and middle on the strong side. D read the pressure and skate away from it. If possible pass to the centre first, then look to the strong side wing, if those aren’t open go D to D behind or with a reverse or counter. The forecheckers try to score 2 on 4.
1. Red D and White F start from opposite blue lines.
2. Start D1-D2 pass to F1-F2.
3. F1-F2 dump the puck in and D3-D4 go back for the puck.
4. F1-F2 forecheck vs. D3-D4.
5. F3-F4 support D3-D4.
6. D3-D4 make a breakout pass to F3-F4.
7. F3-F4 now cross the red line and dump the puck in vs. D5-D6 and forecheck.
8. F5-F6 follow the play for a breakout pass from D5-D6.
*This breakout sequence can be done with 1, 2 or 3 F and 1 or 2 D.
* Principle is the quicker you get the puck up ice the less time the other team has to get well organized.

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Date Sunday, February 26 2017 @ 05:19 PM GMT
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