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T2 - Breakout 5-0 Neutral Zone Regroup 5-0 – Pro
T2 - Breakout 5-0 Neutral Zone Regroup 5-0 – Pro
Key Points:
Move the puck up ice as quickly as possible. Attack in the first 3” and the defense hasn’t had time to be well organized. Take more than 3” to attack and the defense is organized. Forwards must fill the three lanes and be ready to attack with speed. Quick up is the first option and D to D if the quick up isn’t there.
1. F1-F2-F3 skate red to far blue line and back D1-D2 skate near blue to red and coach dumps a puck in.
2. All five go back into the defensive zone for a breakout.
3. Attack 5-0 and the coach give passive resistance at the far blue line.
4. Attack with 4, a middle drive and one D as the trailer.
5. On whistle the coach spot a new puck inside the defensive end.
6. Regroup and attack 5-0 a second time.
7. F4-F5-F6-D3-D4 repeat.

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Date Friday, August 11 2017 @ 03:54 PM GMT
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