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T2 - Progression for Breakout vs. Pressure – Pro
T2 - Progression for Breakout vs. Pressure – Pro
Key Points:
Forwards must be able to take a pass off the boards and pass it to the player supporting low and slow from the middle lane. Defense must be able to read the forecheck and make the first outlet behind the net, in front or on the boards.

Forward Skill:
a. F1 on one side and F2 the other side leave from the neutral zone and pass to a coach, face the puck while they pivot to the boards from a pass or a rim from the coach.
b. F1 pass to the coach who rims the puck and F2 picks it up, protect it from the coach who pinches and touch pass to F1 who swings low and slow.
c. F1-F2 skate to the neutral zone then turn back and attack 2-0.

Defenseman Skill:
a. D1 go back for a puck from the top of the circle, shoulder check, hard fake and pass to the coach in front.
b. D1 skate up to the top of the circle then backwards, repeat and pass to the coach on the boards.
c. D1 repeat a third time and drive the back of the goal and cut up ice tight to the net.
d. D2 repeat the same sequence.
e. Coach walk though pressuring D1 who shoulder checks which side the coach is on and moves the puck the other way.
f. Coach dump in a puck and forecheck vs. D1 and D2.
g. Defenseman shoulder check to read which way the pressure is and skate away from the pressure.
h. D1 pass to D2 on the boards or behind the net.
i. D2 go back for the puck on the other side.

Breakout vs. Pressure and Come Back 2-1 x 2
a. D in the corner with a coach and forwards start in middle outside the zone.
b. Coach 1 spot a puck below goal line and D1 at each end rim to F1 on the wide wing.
c. Coach 2 pinch on F1 and F2 mirror the rim and support F1 low and slow for a one touch pass.
d. Do this low breakout 2-1 from diagonal corners and then switch corners.

• The next progression to work on this team skill is a half ice transition game of 2-1 with a dump in and pinch then move to a full ice transition game with a dump in.

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