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T4 - 5-5 Contain-Pressure Defensive Zone Coverage – Pro
T4 - 5-5 Contain-Pressure Defensive Zone Coverage – Pro
Key Points:
Everyone must see the puck and see their man. Stay on the net side (defensive) of the player they are covering. Sticks on the ice and in the passing lanes. It is a combined ‘man to man-zone defense’. All defenders must cover one player. Closest defender to the puck on tight, ‘Body on body and stick on the puck.' next closest a stick length away, third closest half way, fourth and fifth closest maintain a ‘man-you-puck triangle’, see the puck and your man with the stick in the passing lane. Weak side defending forward pick up F3 if he is high in the slot.
Part One – Defensive Zone Rotation Contain then Pressure (Swarm)
1. 5 defenders start from the blue line with a coach in each corner.
2. Coach pass the puck to the corner and defenders skate into the zone. ‘Man on Box Behind.’
3. Read offensive control and play ‘man to man-zone defense.’
4. D1 on puck, D2 net front, F1 support D1 low, F2 mid slot, F3 puck side point.
5. Read no offensive control so pressure and outnumber the offense – ‘Swarm.’
6. D1 on hard, D2 move to goal line, F1 close support for D1, F2 net front coverage, F3 move to boards above the hash marks. D2 and F3 intercept any low or high rim.
7. Pass to coach, players skate out - pass to the coach in the other corner - the 5 defenders rotate.
8. D2 to corner, F1 skate in front and to corner, F2 cover puck side point, F3 mid slot.
9. Repeat the contain and pressure, ‘ Swarm’ walk through.
10. After each group has practiced a few times go live.
11. Repeat the walk through in both corners then skate out and pass to 5 attackers and defend 5-5.
Part Two – 5-5 Walk Through then Live
1. Set up in one zone with 5 attackers and 5 defenders.
2. Coach pass the puck to the corner and all 5 defenders rotate.
3. D1 on puck, D2 net front, F1 support D1, F2 mid slot - cover high offensive OF3, F3 puck side point.
4. Pass puck to strong side point and all rotate.
5. F3 up to point, F2 slide to mid slot, F1 cover high offensive OF3, D1 and D2 be half way or box OF1-OF2.
6. After the low and high walk through play 5-5 live.
7. Communicate to switch between ‘contain and pressure’ defending.
8. Coach spot a new puck if the play ends right away.
9. F1 pressure the puck at the hash marks or half wall and D1 support.
10. F3 drop down to prevent a high walk-in if F1 is beaten on the wall.

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