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T4 – Defensive Zone Walk Through - RG 5-5 – Pro
T4 – Defensive Zone Walk Through - RG 5-5 – Pro
Key Points:
Review defensive zone rotation. Lots of communication helps everyone to make good decisions. Use controlled skating towards the puck carrier. Always defend from the net side. Stick on the ice in the passing lane and closest checker play with ‘body on body and stick on the puck.’ Goalie can see everyone so it is important he communicates loudly.
1. Players start from the neutral zone with a coach in each corner.
2. Coach one pass to coach two in corner and 5 players defend.
3. Coach two pass to coach three in other corner and 5 defenders rotate.
4. Defending 5 skate out and pass to 5 players waiting in the neutral zone.
5. Play 5 on 5.
6. Coach one spot a new puck if the play ends quickly and continue playing 5-5.
7. Rotate so the other 5 players walk through the defensive zone coverage.
8. Walk through the contain ‘box plus one’ and the pressure ‘swarm.’
9. Do this at both ends if you have 20 skaters for 5-5 or 16 for 4-4.
10. If you have less skaters you can do it at one end with a defend-attack-rest rotation.

If you have less than 4 lines you can have the walk through then the original attackers walk through then pass to the players waiting behind the red line. After all players have done the walk through make it a continuous transition game of Attack-Defend-Breakout-Rest.

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