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T2-4 - D400 3-2 – Wally Kozak - U18 F
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T2-4 - D400 3-2 – Wally Kozak - U18 F
Key Points:
Forwards have to get on the puck hard. Two in deep. F1 make contact, F2 double team D1 or pressure D2 on a D to D. F3 mirror from about the hash marks. Rotate who is F1-F2-F3 according to who is closest to the puck. Make eye contact before passing and avoid ‘hope passes’ that result in turnovers.
1. Play the low 3-2.
2. Two D go back for the puck vs. three forwards.
3. Forwards try to score and defense to break out.
4. Coach dump the puck in.
5. Coach shoot in a new puck if original puck is out of play.
6. Go about 30”.
I sent the Team Play video to one of my friends who is coaching in the NHL and this is his comment. … ‘that was good. Basically how most teams F/C now. F1 and F2 mark the D and F3 surfs east/west in surf zone (around hash marks) and gets to strong side wall or to bump to middle.
Off a share - which a lot of teams do now and wide rim is D pinch down. F2 quicker than old days and D up and pinch quicker. Basically it is 5 man forecheck now, and 5 man neutral zone aggressive once the Opposition gets there and 5 quick back and tight(swarm) in defensive zone coverage.’

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Tuesday, November 14 2017 @ 03:26 PM GMT
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Date Tuesday, November 14 2017 @ 03:26 PM GMT
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