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T2 - Breakout Sequence - Wally Kozak - U18 F
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T2 - Breakout Sequence - Wally Kozak - U18 F
Key Points:
Defense make a deception escape move to beat the forechecker and face up ice. Skate hard and pass while skating.
1. Begin with a stop and start skating progression where you face the puck with no cross-over but load on the back inside edge and push forwards with the stick as a target.
2. Goalies make a breakout pass to each side. All the skaters go deep in the corner and pivot for a pass from each corner.
3. First player carry the puck and make a fake inside turn outside, skate hard and make a pass to the second player skating up to boards. Pass to the goalie, open pivot and get a return pass. Progress to forward pass to the goalie who passes to the defense.
4. Three leave, one defense, two wing, three centre. Centre support low and slow from behind and below the wing. Goalies move to the red line and exchange passes. Add pass back to D who passes to the other forward.
5. Four leave and the fourth player is a forechecker. Checker cover either the wing or centre and defense read the passing option or pressure the puck carrier.
6. Attack 3-1 backchecker and score at the other end.
7. Pass to Goalie. Goalie Set up Puck. Breakout 3-0. Attack 3-0. Defense start at the blue line and forward shoot the puck on net. Goalie set it up and breakout and attack 3-0. Defense skate backward, pivot forward, shoulder check. Defense make an escape move to beat the checker, skate hard up ice and pass to a forward. 3-0 attack with speed. D join the attack.

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