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B5 Regroup Options and Shots Finnish U17
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B5 Regroup Options and Shots- Finnish U17
Key Points:
Face the puck at all times and give a target. Shoot while skating and follow for a rebound. Pass firmly. Done from both sides at once.

Two D and two F leave from the middle at each end.
1. D1 get a pass from the circle.
2. D1 hinge and up to D2.
3. D2 pass to F1 or F2 not covered by coach.
4. F1 pass to F2 who attacks and shoots.
5. D2 gets a new puck from the circle and passes to F1 who now attacks and shoots.
6. D2 follow attack and get a pass from F2 and shoots from the point while F1-F2 screen.

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Saturday, April 03 2021 @ 02:24 PM GMT
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Media ID 20210403142455121  
Date Saturday, April 03 2021 @ 02:24 PM GMT
Views 1223
Keywords regroup, shots
Uploaded By TomM