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Pro Game Day Practice 3-9-17
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Pro Game Day Practice 3-9-17
Key Points:
Players know the drills before practice and go from one to the other. Players and coaches move the pucks together. No one goes to the board as the coach simply calls out the next drill. This is a routine that the players learn. Two teams have the ‘Black Aces’ who won’t play that night do skills and conditioning.
1. Breakout 5-0 at both ends, do a rep from each side and have the goalie handle the puck.
2. Shots from three lanes.
3. Small horseshoe 1-1; do both and then change sides.
4. Dump in and breakout 3-0, regroup and attack 2-1, then repeat at the other end.
5. Individual and partner skills: point shots, face-offs, cut in and score, goalie warm-up, edges, passing, attack 4-0 with options, conditioning skate.

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Friday, March 10 2017 @ 04:22 PM GMT
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Media ID 20170310102221559  
Date Friday, March 10 2017 @ 04:22 PM GMT
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