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C600 - Breakout - 2-1 x 2 - Skills Camp
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C600 - Breakout - 2-1 x 2 - Skills Camp
Key Points:
Forwards leave from the far blue line and defense from the top of the circle Coach spot a puck below the goal line. Attack with speed and defender create a tight gap and deny the most dangerous play. A 2-1 is really a 2-2 so the goalie must communicate with the defender. Don’t allow the puck to cross the mid-line and take the stick of the player at the wide post after a shot.
1. D1 skate up to the blue line then backwards and turn and pick up the puck.
2. F1-F2 skate into the into the zone for a breakout pass.
3. F1 support on the boards and F2 mirror low and slow from the middle lane.
4. D1 pass to either F1-F2 who attack vs. D2.
5. D1 skate across and defend the attack from F3-F4.
6. D2-F3-F4 do the 3-0 breakout at the other end and F3-F4 attack vs. D1.

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Date Sunday, April 09 2017 @ 03:08 PM GMT
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