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T1 - D Point Shots-F Scoring-C Face Offs – Pro
T1 - D Point Shots-F Scoring-C Face Offs – Pro
Key Points:
Players go to skill stations led by coaches. Forwards who take face-offs in the middle. Defense shoot at one end. Forwards at one end do in tight scoring drills. Defense face the play when skating sideways to shoot. Head up to read the checker. Make one touch passes for the one timer shot.
1. Coach pass to point-D1-Skate and pass to D2-D2 skate down lane-D2 back to D1-D1 shoot from mid-point.
2. Coach drops pucks for face-offs in the middle.
3. F1 cut in or go around the net and shoot, then screen the goalie for F2’s shot.
4. Coach pass to D1 who passes across to D2 who shoots. Alternate sides.
5. D1exchange passes with a coach at mid-point then slide and shoot.
6. D1 progress to exchange passes then slide without a puck and one time D2’s pass.
7. Coach rim the puck from the far corner; F1 pick up the rim and cut in or go around net and wrap.
8. Coach pass to D1 from mid-point; D1 across to D2 for a one timer.

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