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B202 Luhowy Puckhandling and Passing Circuit
Key Points:
Control the puck and “lock and load” when you carry the puck; meaning move it from in front to your side. Keep a strong skating position with the knees bent and head up.

Line up behind the top of the circle with 2 or 3 players facing 2 or 3 players at the other end. Have between 2 and 4 groups depending on the number of players. A group of 4 is the smallest.
1. First player in each line skate towards the other line and pass to the far line.
2. Exchange pucks and pass to opposite line.
3. Skate to red line tight left turn and pass to original line.
4. Repeat but make a tight right turn.
5. Carry toward other player and head and shoulder fakes with legs wide then pass.
6. Alternate knee touches and pass to far line.
7. Carry the puck and do a lateral push to face the other player and exchange pucks.
8. Exchange pucks twice then pass to the far end.
*Other passes like backhands, saucer or moves like in the feet, toe drag can be added.

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