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D400 2/3 ice Transition Game of Attack-Defend-Breakout-Rest
DT400 2/3 Ice Attack-Defend-Breakout-Rest

Key Points:
Defender play a tight gap and backckhecker back pressure the puck carrier to create a defensive 2 on1. Fight for rebounds. Defender tie up the stick of the attacker and attacker fight to keep stick free to shoot. Do from both sides of the ice.

1. Number 1 attack vs number 2 on both sides of the ice.
2. Number 3 support defender number 2 from the lineup.
3. Number 2 breakout with number 2.
4. Number 3 skate with the puck to either the red line or far blue line and then turn back and attack vs number 2.
5. Continue with number 3 attacking number 2 and getting support from numbe 4 at the front of the line.

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Sunday, July 26 2009 @ 02:23 PM GMT
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Media ID 20090726102315873  
Date Sunday, July 26 2009 @ 02:23 PM GMT
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Views 2726
Keywords support, gap
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