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DT400 Transition Game of Low Battles with Point Support
DT400 Transition Game of Low Battles with Point Support

Key Points:
Great game to practice cycling, going to the net, screening, tipping, point shots, shot pass, one timers on offense. On defense you have the low zone coverage and communication skills. As well as individual techniques like sealing the stick to the outside, tying up sticks, boxing out,
switching, all from the defensive side.

1. One team is lined up behind each faceoff dot. From one to three players leave at a time.
2. The next player in line plays the joker at the point and must pass or shoot within a second. Defenders do not check the joker as he can’t go in and score.
3. The coach dumps the puck in or shoots on net and the teams race for the puck. Whoever gets the puck can shoot right away.
4. When the defending team gets the puck they must pass to their joker at the point to transition to offense.
5. If the puck is shot out of the zone the coach passes to the non offending joker.
6. Play 20-30” and on the whistle the players pass to the coach and skate hard out of the zone before the coach shoots a new puck in.

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Media ID 20090726102317243  
Date Sunday, July 26 2009 @ 02:23 PM GMT
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