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B6 3 shots 3 zig zags 3 shots
3 Leave from diagonal corners about 2" apart, skate around circle then shoot, get a pass from the other corner, skate 3 zig zags betweeen the blue line and the top of the cricles the fill the 3 lanes and shoot.
1. Make sure to leave about 2 seconds between shooters so the goalie has time to get set.
2. Follow the shot for a rebound before getting the pass.
3. Do skills while zig zagging 3 times such as;
a, carry the puck with the hands and feet moving all the time.
b. carry the puck only using the forehand side of the stick.
c. only use the backhand side of the stick.
d. transition skate facing the far end forward to backward to forward.
e. skate backward.
f. 360 degree turns.
g. Start with a pass in the corner before the first shot.

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