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C6 - 1-1 with Agility Skate - Pro
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C6 – 1-1 With Agility Skate - Pro

Key Points:
Defender must skate out quickly to close the gap with the attacker. Attacker make quick fakes and protect the puck to get a shot. Defend on the net side with: ‘Body on body and stick on the puck.;Defender box the attacker out and take the stick after a shot.
1. Everyone start from the corner.
2. F1 skate out to the blue line with the puck and turn back.
3. D1 skate around the bottom of the circle and out to defend.
4. F1 attack vs. F2.
5. Do this at each end and out of both corners.
6. Everyone take turns attacking and defending.
*Possible to do out of all four corners.

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Monday, May 18 2015 @ 04:08 PM GMT
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Media ID 20150518110842631  
Date Monday, May 18 2015 @ 04:08 PM GMT
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