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T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro
T1-3 - C2 1-1 Technique - RB Pro
Key Points:
Attack with speed, protect the puck and drive hard to the net for a rebound. Defender play a tight gap, head up and stick on the puck, body on body. Tie up the stick and box out after a shot.
1. Players line up along the boards on one side.
2. Start at the blue line with the attacker passing to the defender.
3. Defender skate back then up and return pass to the attacker who skates out to the red line.
4. Defender close the gap then play a 1-1.
5. Both players need to have quick feet.
6. Defender keep the eyes up, stick on the puck and tie up the stick after a shot.
7. Attacker make a hard fake and and drive to the net follow the shot for a rebound.

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Media ID 20150628100522903  
Date Sunday, June 28 2015 @ 03:05 PM GMT
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