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T1-3 - High and Low Cutbacks 1-1 - Russian U20
T1-3 - High and Low Cutbacks 1-1 - Russian U20
Key Points:
Create separation by taking quick strides to make the defender cross-over and then cut back in the other direction.
1. Players line up in the high slot and the coach has the pucks.
2. Coach shoot the puck into the corner and an offensive and defensive player go.
3. Attacker drive skate hard toward the back of the net and cut back when the defender chases.
4. Defender is passive but should work on having ‘stick on the puck’ and defensive side.
5. Practice turning up the boards and cutting back low then walk out or wrap around.
6. Switch sides and repeat.
7. This drill is good for both offensive and defensive techniques.
*Option is for the offensive player to do cutbacks both ways while the defender practices dside and good stick position. After about 5” blow the whistle and play live with the attacker trying to score and the defender to carry the puck above the top of the circles.

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Date Tuesday, August 04 2015 @ 03:05 PM GMT
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