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C6 - Shot-Point Shot- 1-1 and With BC x 2 - U17
C6 - Shot-Point Shot- 1-1 and With BC x 2 - U17
Key Points:
Shoot while skating, follow the shot then screen. D shoot low so the F in front can tip then play a tight gap in the 1-1. D Play more aggressive with a really tight gap when there is a back checker. Play out the rush until it is over.
Part One: Two shots and a 1-1.
1. Start with F1 at each end walking out from the corner and taking a shot, then screen.
2. F2 pass to D1 who skates along the blue line inside the dots and shoots.
3. F1 break up ice and get a pass from F2.
4. F1 attack 1-1 vs. D1.
5. Play the 1-1 until the whistle.
Part Two: Add a Backchecker.
6. D1 shoot, F1 screen and then F2 attack D1 and F1 backcheck and back pressure.
* D1 play a tight gap and stand up to stop F2 if he has a good angle. F2 pick up a loose puck or dump in.

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Date Tuesday, October 20 2015 @ 05:55 PM GMT
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