C6 - 1-1 x 2 Standing Start – Pro
C6 - 1-1 x 2 Standing Start – Pro
Key Points:
* Forwards use change of pace, dekes to the inside to beat the D. Defenders keep the play to the outside and the gap no more than a stick length. Tie up the attackers stick after a shot before looking for a rebound.
1. Players start from diagonal corners.
2. Forwards at the hash on the outside and defense at the top of the circle above the dot.
3. Forward attack vs. the D on the whistle.
4. D keep the F to the outside and maintain the defensive side.
5. F use speed and moves to get to the inside and offensive side.
6. If D has good position then flare back and open up to face the F when the puck is past the top of the circles.
7. D then close the gap and make contact along the boards.
8. If the F beats the D wide then build a wall to protect the puck and go to the net.
9. When D gets beat wide the turn to the inside and sprint to the near post to catch the F.
* Ideally the D learns to skate backwards with no cross-overs starting facing the boards and striding backwards.

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Monday, March 07 2016 @ 04:26 PM GMT
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Date Monday, March 07 2016 @ 04:26 PM GMT
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