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D200 x 6 Games of Kings Court – Youth
D200 x 6 Games of Kings Court – Youth
Key Points:
Develop split vision by having no defined boundaries, use modified rules to focus on skills and habits, create competition, game situations, transition from offense to defense and defense to offense.
1. Put 3 to 6 nets on one side of the ice with space enough to skate behind.
2. Play from 1-1 to 3-3 at each net.
3. If playing even teams of 1-1, 2-2 then bounce the puck of the far boards to go on offense.
4. Teach good habits and skills by enforcing modified rules such as ‘give and go needed’ to score.
5. Keep score and play ‘Kings Court’, game winners move one net toward the Kings Court and game losers move the other way. Winner and loser at each end stay at that net. Tied games are decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors.
6. You can also play an attack-defend-support rotation instead of bounce the puck off the boards, i.e. Three players, 1 attack vs. 2 and 4 rest at the far boards. When there are no goalies and small nets the rule is you can’t score on shots from over half way. On a goal or turnover 2 pass to 3 who attacks vs. 1 and 2 rest.
7. If you have six nets then six games are needed to declare a true ‘Kings Court Champion.’
8. If you have cross ice games then the winners to side and rotate toward ‘Kings Court’ and the losers rotate the other way and the team at each end stays.
9. This camp had 12 of each age group and each had a 1-1 tournament. The better players end up at the ‘Kings Court’ end and the weaker at the other end. It is a great way to pick teams.
10. Notice that all 24 players are moving and the ‘Game teaches the game.’
11. The coaches role is to create and enforce the rules that work on skills and good habits.

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