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C5 - Defensive 1-1 x 6 – Jasper
C5 - Defensive 1-1 x 6 – Jasper
Key Points:
This organization works very well when you have large groups on the ice or a big difference in ability. The key is the players practice the skill and don’t have to wait in line a long time. Give instruction, move from group to group progress to games without the players having to switch stations. I have used this multi net in camps around the world with either no goalies, lots of goalies or a combination of big and little nets.
1. Put 2 to 4 nets on each goal line or you could have them along the boards practicing across the ice.
2. Players line up just inside the blue line or for older players outside the blue line.
3. One player defends while the first player in line skates around the other player and attacks 1-1.
4. When the play is over the original attacker skates out and defends vs. the second player in line.
5. When the play is finished the defender passes to the first player in line and skates out to close the gap.
6. Add an attacker and play 2-1 or 2-2.
* You could have net at each red line to make 8 stations.

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