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T3 - 1-1, 1-2, Checking – Pro
T3 - 1-1, 1-2, Checking – Pro
Key Points:
Create checking angles, use controlled skating, keep defensive side. Attackers use deceptive skating, fakes, protect the puck and shoot under pressure.
1. One attacker and one defender leave from the top of the circle and battle for a puck dumped in by the coach.
2. Defender compete to carry the puck out of the zone and attacker battle to score.
3. At the other end player battle starting from along the boards at the blue line.
4. The attacker gets a pass from the coach while the defender creates and good checking angle from the inside.
5. Attacker use deception, change of speed and protect the puck to go to the net.
6. Defender create a good angle and keep defensive side with the stick on the puck.
7. Change the 1-1 to a 1-2 forecheck battle.
8. One attacker pick up the loose puck and go to the net.
9. First defender play the body and the second defender pick up the loose puck and skate out of the zone.

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