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T1-3 Low 1-1 and 1-2 – Pro
T1-3 Low 1-1 and 1-2 – Pro
Key Points:
Fight on offense to gain net side and on defense to defend from the net side. On the breakout vs. a forechecker the first one back must un-weight the checker with a fake and the supporting player must get open for the best outlet pass.
One End
1. Coach pass the puck to player 1 near the blue line on the boards.
2. Player 2 comes out around the plyon and defends
3. Player 1 try to score while player 2 defends and try to pass to the coach.
4. When the play ends player 1 now defends vs. player 3 who gets a pass from the coach.
Other End
1. Player 1 and 2 break out vs. 3.
2. Coach spots a puck and 1 retrieves it vs. pressure from 3.
3. Player 2 support in a board battle or get open for an outlet pass.

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