T3 – Defensive 1-1 Sequence – Wally Kozak – U18 F
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T3 – Defensive 1-1 Sequence – Wally Kozak – U18 F
Key Points:
Defender maintain a tight vertical and horizontal gap, protect the middle and maintain D side.
1. Start with D in the middle and F in diagonal corners.
2. D leave and transition skate forward to backward at the top of the circle.
3. First the D skates back with hands behind their back.
4. Protect the middle, control speed to keep a tight gap, stay D side.
5. Vertical gap about a stick length and horizontal gap line up at the inside of attackers shoulder.
6. Forward can also start from the knees.
7. Flare back facing the attacker then forward when finishing the check.
8. Defenders now keep hands in front and pivot when they chose.
9. Finish the play and don’t allow the attacker to score on the rebound.
10. Defender progress to using a stick ‘upside down.’
11. Forward turn inside the blue line and defender skate to maintain a tight gap.
12. When F beats D wide turn to the inside and race to the inside post to cut them off.
13. D progress to stick held in the normal position.
14. Forwards can now either skate straight or circle in the zone.

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Date Saturday, March 04 2017 @ 05:47 PM GMT
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Keywords tight horizontal and vertical gap, defensive side, 1 on 1, protect middle of the ice
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