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B500 - Puck Battles 1-1- Pro
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B500 - Puck Battles 1-1- Pro
Key Points:
Protect the puck by shielding with the body and moving it out of the defenders reach. Defender keep the stick on the ice and blade on blade.
1. Pair up with a partner.
2. Start with a puck along the boards facing each other about 3 m. from the puck.
3. Battle for the puck in a small area on the whistle.
4. Go 10” and the player with no puck do push-ups.
5. Move the puck 3 m. from the boards and start from the boards.
6. Battle again for 10”.
7. No puck do push-ups.
*Players can also start about 3m. from the boards (10 feet) with the puck against the boards.
* A good progression is to play 2-2 keepaway with 1 point for 7 consecutive passes, then to 4-4 and have rules such as only backhand passes, or one hand only on the stick.

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Media ID 2017031711104581  
Date Friday, March 17 2017 @ 04:10 PM GMT
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